KONGKA Furniture (คงคาเฟอร์นิเจอร์มุก)

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Since 1978 of experience as a Thailand-based manufacturer and distributor, KONGKA Manufacturer co.,ltd, is now the leader in cultural chinese furniture made from rosewood in Thailand, offering over 200 design choices. We are operating under "KONGKA" as our brand in Thailand. Our furniture is created by a team of over 300 skilled craftsmen, experienced in pearl inlay and Chinese tree sap for coloring, to ensure that all our products meet with the standards and high expectation of our customers. Three designs of rosewood furniture can be found at our stores in Bangkok. Classic Chinese Style, Modern Ming Style and Venice style. KONGKA's furniture is reflecting traditional culture of furniture that has been used since Chinese emperor time. Collectors can enjoy the benefits for not only the use of furniture, but also its incremental value for all time. "How it's made" program on Discovery Channel from Canada also approached us and visited our factory for a short flim on how "chinese-style furniture" has made. Now, the flim has been broadcasted throughout the world in 166 countries and 35 languages.

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